A very good month

Hello David, Congratulations! Your story ‘Avoiding Gagarin’ has been accepted for publication … That makes me a very happy old builder. Second acceptance for the month … year … century … Details to follow … Advertisements

The sadness of Casper: Ghost

How can you live with the fact a child died for your cartoon pleasure? You did him no favours taming him, accustoming him to humans. Oh yes, he is a friendly ghost, and you may count that as an accomplishment, but what does it mean? He craves companions, he desires contact, he is less without […]

Stay well

Mission statements, aspirational goals, EAP, policy compliance. On the one hand, box ticking. On the other, reality. It is very hard to suffer from a disease that doesn’t officially exist in your country, and is mostly ignored by the medical profession.

Loving the alien

LOVING THE ALIEN Sniff of chlorophyl whiff of ether Look down see fronds part and unfurl cupping leafy embrace cool breeze tugs you in moss is velvet you sink the green plant yourself lean in and skin unfurls to mask you kissing inside and out you are draped try to make sense of distant calls […]


SURPRISE Cancer too is a prize You don’t have to queue at the newsagent’s to buy a ticket. They slip it in with the teddy bear, the Beatrix Potter china setting, the first photograph album, unnoticed. The final draw may be foreshadowed in the missed stitch in the booties grandma made put aside, only used […]