My Doctor

Doctor, my Doctor – thank you Steven Moffatt, I was worried you were going to stuff it up, but it was a brilliant 50th anniversary present – a tear came to the eye of many a middle aged man at the appearance of a certain white haired figure, frail with a cane but still with […]

Let them eat balloons!

Here at The Stevens Institute (charitable status pending, we shall be seeking your donations shortly), we seek to ethicise omnivorism (and invent new words to patent). We are trying folks, we really are. We have put all of this week’s grant money into considering balloon animals. Some of you may be scoffing, as you associate […]

It is never too late not to start

Horace Tott spent an uneventful life in Cheshire always intending to write a large book on English magic, but never quite beginning. And so he died at seventy-four, still imagining he might begin next week, or perhaps the week after that. Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, Susanna Clarke

International Burns Day

I thought that it must have been International Burns Day with the victims on parade, their different scars on display. Marks I had not seen before. Hair up, showing pigmentless flesh below the ear. Flashmark along the arm. Puckered skin running down the rear of a shoulder. Are these the marks that all lives leave, […]

To dream the impossible etc

News of the bus misadventure high in the Canutes caused me to reflect on an incident from my school days. Those of a certain age will remember the tightening of the local school curriculum, when a scientific fine tooth comb was drawn through the hippy length hair of what in those days passed for the […]

Do you come here often?

Your story-telling style is witty, keep up the good work! Your story-telling style is bravo, keep doing what you`re doing! Your writing style is witty, keep it up! Your story-telling style is bravo, keep up the good work! Your story-telling style is spectacular, keep up the good work! Your humoristic style is bravo, keep it […]