An encouraging word for a hypocrite

I ranted commented previously about one line dismissals of stories, and how hard it can be to work out what they mean. I am such a hypocrite. I get another one line critique with a rejection and I am very happy about it. I like the mood this piece evokes, but overall I felt it […]

David’s tip of the day

Walking down the street the other day, I decided to travel down the lane less taken, and this is what I came across: words to live by. Good advice to the youth of today. After all, no matter how rebellious you may feel, think about it: do you really want to let the rats in? […]

Young love, with scar

I thought you had a really cool tatt, until I saw it was a line of sores that you had been picking at. I liked the way the blood caked. I liked the delicacy of where your skin flaked from last weeks sun burn. You were this weeks stomach churn, my latest after hours ache. […]

One of many reasons I love Tim Powers

The real reason to write fiction, after all, isn’t to make money, nor to show the human heart in conflict with itself, nor to give a picture of one’s time, nor to call attention to the plight of any oppressed classes, but to show off. You want to be able to say to visitors, “Sit […]

No Lions please, we’re British

You have to (yes, it is compulsory) love a book that includes the following: a section on the reintroduction of vanished species to Britain; in that section, a table naming species with an estimated date of extinction in Britain; a rating of their suitability for reintroduction; a heading, “Reintroduction efforts so far”; an entry simply […]