We live in a narrative of someone else’s construction

The bus arrived at my stop last evening, and I ended reading ‘The Adjacent’ by Christopher Priest at “He learned to dance, to recite, to work marionettes…”. This morning, flicking through The Guardian, I read in the obituaries “My friend Frank Mumford … had a career as a marionette master spanning eight decades”. Then unprompted my son walked […]


One post says to stop writing if you have something else you’re more passionate about doing. Lord knows I do. I want to watch television and drink. It won’t be easy. I have to get a TV. – Cathy Douglas   Love it! You should click here and read the post.  

M.C. Escher v. MC Hammer

Though they were both well known for knocking out hard hitting rhymes and dancing madly in harem pants, there is no question that M.C. Escher will always triumph over MC Hammer. Firstly, M.C. Escher can hypnotise you from beyond the grave via a self portrait, whereas MC Hammer isn’t even dead yet. He has a […]