What are we, after all?

“I’m pondering is what I’m doing.” “Hell about?” About being a sober adult making up my mind, he replied truculently in his head. About having a centre and a will instead of a bunch of stupid impulses and bad memories … . The Tailor of Panama by John le Carre He is so good and […]

Action on Lyme Disease in Australia

Two of my daughters have a cocktail of borellia and other bugs in their systems, after being bitten by ticks (or something else).¬†They have suffered enormously for a very long time – severe chronic pain; horrible neurological symptoms including seizures and brain fog; intermittent paralysis; ongoing respiratory distress; and many other awful symptoms which have […]

Love Hurts

Love stories aren’t usually my thing, so I am thrilled to have a story – The Boulevardier – ¬†appearing in this forthcoming anthology, out on December 1st. Love the cover. Luvity luv luv luv.


I’m fluctuating somewhere between ‘well, I must be some sort of author if I’m on an author page‘ and ‘don’t be so needy, Stevens’. I am however looking forward to the book coming out, and to ‘The Boulevardier’ and his bad French seeing the light of day.