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Vale Crossed Genres

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Farewell Crossed Genres Magazine! This month sees its last issue, and I am sorry to see it go.

I made my first professional sale to CG, of one of my personal favourite stories, ‘My Life as a Lizard’. (Left click on the link on the left to read it for free. You’ll feel better for doing it. Honestly.) There was of course the excitement of someone telling me they wanted to publish one of my stories, coming after many, many rejections. There was then the great pleasure of working with the extremely generous and encouraging Kelly Jennings, who was full of insightful suggestions aimed at improving my story. And after that, to see it in print, and not just that, but almost on the same day as I had a story appear in Aurealis magazine. It was an exciting time, and CG and Kelly gave me a real sense of validation. They even interviewed me.

The story was then (favourably) reviewed by Charlotte Ashley in her Clavis Aurea column in Apex, so naturally I thought reviews like that must just happen all the time. (In case you are wondering, they don’t! Not for me, anyway.) [The other two writers reviewed in that particular column were A. Merc Rustad and Charlie Jane Anders. Coincidentally, the three of us have stories in the new anthology, Love Hurts, which I say in all sincerity, you should check out.]

So, farewell CG, and my best wishes to all who sailed in her. Good luck to Bart Leib and Kay Holt, as well as Kelly. Thanks for the memories and the encouragement, and all of the interesting stories.


Billy Ocean knew the Truth

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Billy Ocean knew the Truth, that Love Really Hurts … don’t worry about the “without you” bit, no qualifier is required. And to prove it, the speculative fiction anthology ‘Love Hurts‘ (left click on the title to be taken elsewhere) is now available for purchase and your reading pleasure. Marvel at the fools love makes of us all! Revel in the pain of Others (capital intended)! Included alongside big-hitters like Jeff VanderMeer, is ‘The Boulevardier’, a story by (you guessed it) me. A perfect Christmas gift.

Love Hurts

Love Hurts