Philip K and other stuff

Sitting in the cinema with my mate Stephen back in another lifetime, as the opening credits for Total Recall unfurled. The year before, I had had a job which involved some proof reading of a corporate newsletter. We were told not to bother with certain parts, as they had been there for years. One of […]

Night sky in the day time

Night sky in the day time   Relief after the storm when rain washes the sky clear grit and grain drained away. Awake to a sense of purity: tensions resolved, static removed, humidity vanished. Walk outside Bewildered at the streaks, paint trailing at the bottom of a dome See as you have never seen, Darkly, though […]

Peter Temple RIP

Sad news today. He was an excellent writer. Australians are great at claiming others as their own, but Peter Temple claimed us, and caught us so well in his writing. He had a great way with wounded characters, and not only was there toughness and grit, there was also a lot of gentleness in his […]

Mormon boys

Lonely Mormons far from home wandering through the great apostasy. Tempted by Coca Cola, shunning coffee and other like beverages, is your truth too good for me? You rush to share it with the pretty Asian girls. Was there nothing on those buried gold plates Elohim wanted you to share with me? I’ll just have […]