Contributor Interview: David Stevens

Shock! Horror! Capitalism! Moths! Read my story!


  • What’s your favorite anti-capitalist book or film?

    John Carpenter’sThey Live, and the radio playHercules Fountopoulos and Socrates Dassaklis in the Great Teenage Proletariat Revolution(especially the theme song – would you like me to hum a few bars?).
  • What radicalized you? How did you first become critical of capitalism?

    Radicalised? Moi? Self-criticism properly engaged in requires that I condemn myself as a mere infantile leftist adventurer and occasional reactionary. However, I would point to an episode in Australia in my childhood, “The Dismissal”, the illegal parliamentary overthrow of the popularly and properly elected Whitlam Labor government, by the conservative coalition parties conspiring with the Governor-General.
  • What inspired your story forProleSCARYet?

    Two things inspiredBlur. 1. the poisonous and oppressive idea that some of us are fed from childhood that we can do anything we turn our minds to, that if we work hard enough…

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