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Greatest dancer of the 20th Century

In Uncategorized on January 6, 2018 at 8:18 pm

History should not be rushed. It is important to take time to reflect, and to have access to all relevant materials before coming to judgment. And while all views may be subject to revision (just ask Stalin), I am fairly confident of our maturity in the cultural sphere, and so believe that this is one historical assessment that will stand the test of time.

It is important when assessing cultural phenomena to be separate from fads and not to be ideologically blinkered. Gentle readers, you know that I stand apart from the crowd, and that while others may be subjective, I am objective. (Lord, that was said to me, not about me, by a fellow panellist on a recruitment panel. Apparently, because we described a candidate in words, and they assessed them using a numeric scoring system of their own invention, they were that rare thing, a truly objective person.) So after catching up on some favourites of my youth last night on Youtube, I am very well placed to declare that the greatest dancer of the 20th century was Alexei Sayle. To see a chubby bald guy in a tight suit make those moves was inspirational. Forever more, every time I take to the dance floor, regardless of the koinos kosmos, in my head, that will be how I look. Except I have hair. And my suits aren’t that tight.



Loving the alien

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Sniff of chlorophyl
whiff of ether
Look down
see fronds part and unfurl
leafy embrace
cool breeze
tugs you in
moss is velvet
you sink the green
plant yourself
lean in and
skin unfurls to mask you
kissing inside and out
you are draped
try to make sense
of distant calls
lose yourself in
the wind blowing
through her branches
are you dead
or are you
loving the alien?

lost on mars
lost on venus
You have your compass
it doesn’t lead you home
spoiled forever
for earth girls now
spoiled like meat.
Press up against
foreign atmosphere.
Do you lose yourself
if you love the alien?


RIP Ray Bradbury
new sneakers hitting the pavement