David Stevens

Published stories

Where the story name is highlighted, you can click on the link to read it for free.


Baby, cold outsideBreach available here and here


Miracle Cure – Liquid Imagination


The gods of the gaps – Three-Lobed Burning Eye


Store in a dark placeSpace and Time Magazine


The Big Reveal – Kaleidotrope (1)


Mr Cranky – Sci.Phi Journal


Eat, Pray, Wait – Not One of Us


Crop Rotation  –  At the Edge (2)


Serial Killer BluesThe Literary Hatchet vol. 14


The Boulevardier  –  Love Hurts


This Neil Armstrong is not dead  – Cafe Irreal


Some Corner of a Dorset Field that is Forever Arabia  – Three-Lobed Burning Eye (3)
Republished in CHTHONIC: Weird Tales of Inner Earth


The Penultimate Report of Sergeant Burns  – The Grapple Annual


Avoiding Gagarin   – Aurealis Magazine


My Life as a Lizard   – Crossed Genres Magazine (4)


Good Boy   – Regime Magazine of New Writing, Regime 03

Podcast at Pseudopod.


Coming soon …

Accepted for 2018

The Golden Age of Science FictionThe Grapple Annual Vol 2


Click on the links to read more …

Mentions in despatches

(1) Shortlisted, Australian Shadows Awards 2017, best short fiction

(2) Honourable mention, Ellen Datlow, Best Horror of the Year 9

(3) Originally published under the pseudonym Lloyd Connor. A “strong dark story” – Ellen Datlow, Best Horror of the Year 7

(4) Honourable mention, Best Short Fiction of the Year, Clavis Aurea in Apex. See the review here.


There is an interview with me in Crossed Genres Magazine

There is an interview with me at Angela Slatter’s blog

There is an interview with me at Breach magazine

A review of “My Life as a Lizard” appears at Apex

A review of “Avoiding Gagarin” appears at Tangent 



Contact: davidDOTstevensDOTesquireATgmailDOTcom


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