Billy Idol might be grappling with himself

Damn fine news.

My story, ‘The Penultimate Report of Sergeant Burns’ appeared in the inaugural edition of The Grapple Annual, by which I was rather chuffed. Now my ‘The Golden Age of Science Fiction’ has been included in their second volume (along with 41 other pieces), entitled The Grapple Annual No.2, presently under preparation.

Once again, I grapple with all of the big issues of the day: is it socially acceptable to hobble your child, if it is done to prepareĀ them for a job? Is it ever ok just to buy a magazine for the pictures? Why is it best not to know what other people are thinking? Is there a difference in the empathy appropriate for a horrible little man, and a horrible little man with no arms? And I ask these big questions in a journal which is a follow up to an official under rated book of the year award winner. Who could ask for more?


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