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Billy Idol might be grappling with himself

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Damn fine news.

My story, ‘The Penultimate Report of Sergeant Burns’ appeared in the inaugural edition of The Grapple Annual, by which I was rather chuffed. Now my ‘The Golden Age of Science Fiction’ has been included in their second volume (along with 41 other pieces), entitled The Grapple Annual No.2, presently under preparation.

Once again, I grapple with all of the big issues of the day: is it socially acceptable to hobble your child, if it is done to prepare them for a job? Is it ever ok just to buy a magazine for the pictures? Why is it best not to know what other people are thinking? Is there a difference in the empathy appropriate for a horrible little man, and a horrible little man with no arms? And I ask these big questions in a journal which is a follow up to an official under rated book of the year award winner. Who could ask for more?


Grappling with the time available …

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Duncan Felton is going to run out of time. He has, with designer Finbah Neill,  created/edited/assembled/published a calendar based anthology, The Grapple Annual from scratch, carving the parts, bolting them together, and all I can say is, hats off to him. Who does that? Each entry is related to a different day of the year. I’m worried he will run out of days – the first volume of the annual covers more than a month. Perhaps he will move on to non-Terran years: Neptune (previously the penultimate planet) has shorter days and a much longer year than the earth. Or perhaps a Mayan calendar. I digress (how unusual).

They have put together works from 34 bright shiny writers and 5 bright shiny artists, as well as something by neither bright nor shiny me. The volume is a lovely looking artefact, and one of the nice things about a physical object is that you can pick it up and turn it over and see your name on the back cover (my priorities remain unchanged).

This is something I could never make or do, and I am happy to be a small part of it. If you are so minded, I encourage you to support the first volume of the Grapple Annual, with a view to it expanding far beyond Earth years.

Click here for a link to where you can purchase the first Grapple Annual.

Click here for a link to Grapple Publishing.

Click here to see the little list of my published stories.

Grappling annually

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The interestingly named “The Grapple Annual” (Roy Slaven and HG Nelson come to mind) have announced their forthcoming publication, and the announcement includes that my short story, “The Penultimate Report of Sergeant Burns” is among the contents. (Perhaps that is the incentive I need to write some more, and blog some more. I am far from home and way out of routine, and that is a wonderful excuse!) Every piece in the annual is associated with a particular date. My story is associated with July 16th, because every official report needs to be dated, and that date is as good as any. Do not be surprised to find violence and death.