Grappling with the time available …

Duncan Felton is going to run out of time. He has, with designer Finbah Neill,  created/edited/assembled/published a calendar based anthology, The Grapple Annual from scratch, carving the parts, bolting them together, and all I can say is, hats off to him. Who does that? Each entry is related to a different day of the year. I’m worried he will run out of days – the first volume of the annual covers more than a month. Perhaps he will move on to non-Terran years: Neptune (previously the penultimate planet) has shorter days and a much longer year than the earth. Or perhaps a Mayan calendar. I digress (how unusual).

They have put together works from 34 bright shiny writers and 5 bright shiny artists, as well as something by neither bright nor shiny me. The volume is a lovely looking artefact, and one of the nice things about a physical object is that you can pick it up and turn it over and see your name on the back cover (my priorities remain unchanged).

This is something I could never make or do, and I am happy to be a small part of it. If you are so minded, I encourage you to support the first volume of the Grapple Annual, with a view to it expanding far beyond Earth years.

Click here for a link to where you can purchase the first Grapple Annual.

Click here for a link to Grapple Publishing.

Click here to see the little list of my published stories.


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