More about me me me me me

I can remember the first time I was asked to provide a short bio, not having published anything before, and all I can say is that I am sort of glad that the print magazine it was in is now out of print, and the website it was stuck in now appears to have drifted into the aether, because I didn’t know it was supposed to be in the third person, nor did I know that those clever editor fellows would not fix it up for me, so I looked like a bit of a dick amongst all the clever folk whose bios did not read like they were being spoken out loud by a person scratching their head, and you could hear them scratching their head, and also hear the sound of the bits scratched off their head hitting the floor. Well, that was what it felt like anyway. And the story itself lives on elsewhere, so that is good.

And I thought, I’ll be clever, I’ll attach a bio to my blog, like I saw other people do, and I’ll get that right, and I’ll just copy it each time.

Except I didn’t. not quite. So today I summoned up the energy to change the darn thing to the version I often change it to, and to grab any little thing I could think of positive about my writing life, and shove it in immodestly. (David is a humble person, with a lot to be humble about …)

And so you now know everything about me. Or actually nothing about me, because there is bugger all in there, but I have to say something.

And while I am at it, I will just add in here that I am extremely happy that I just placed a story with Andromeda Spaceways Magazine which should see the light of day soon-ish, and remind myself that I also have stories appearing in upcoming editions of Vastarien and Hybrid Fiction. Yay.

(On that note, I also successfully placed a story – “The Golden Age of Science Fiction” – with Grapple Annual 2, five years ago. I still very much hope that the second volume appears, because it is made by good people who want to do good things. (Plus they published my “The Penultimate Report of Sergeant Burns” in their first volume, and the good sergeant has popped up in several of my stories now.) (Also, I want the weird dude in this story to start crawling about.) Send your positive vibes to Duncan Felton and Finbah Neill.)

David Stevens
Me deliberately willing the world about me into blurriness – an unusual superpower aided by the removal of my glasses (like Clark Kent) and crossing my arms (like Barbara Eden)


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