Guest post: Lee Murray “At the Edge”

I can do no better than to just direct you here, to Lee Murray spruiking ‘At the Edge’ on Greg Chapman’s blog. And thanks very much Lee for “And if farming news bores the pants off you, then you haven’t read David Steven’s horror gem, Crop Rotation”.


Award-winning author and editor Lee Murray has hijacked my blog to talk about the killer cross-Tasman anthology she edited with Dan Rabarts, At the Edge.


Down here in the Antipodes, we’re all immigrants of sorts. Either pushed or jumped from other lands, our ancestors ‒ some very recently ‒ decided to make the arse-end of the world their home. And that migration has an effect on the way we see things, slightly skew-whiff, because we’re examining the world from its underbelly. We’re not ashamed of our outlook. Not at all. In fact, we’re proud of our quirky perspective. So, when Dan Rabarts and I were contemplating the craziness of another anthology project to follow Baby Teeth, it made sense to us to explore that viewpoint, to look at what it is that makes Australian and New Zealand stories stand out and also stand together. We hoped that the anthology’s…

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