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And they said you’d never make it …

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“I believe in miracles,” Shane MacGowan said recently in response to a question about his religious beliefs … . “I’ve seen miracles happen in my life. It’s a miracle every morning when you wake up.”

“I’m concentrating on my health at the minute,” … and to this end he has given up spirits and now only drinks wine.

What more is to be said, when all has been said?


Mormon boys

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Lonely Mormons

far from home

wandering through the great apostasy.

Tempted by Coca Cola,

shunning coffee and other like beverages,

is your truth too good for me?

You all rush to share it

with the pretty Asian girls.

Was there nothing on

those buried gold plates

Elohim wanted you

to share with me?

I’ll just have to cross my own desert.

Not for the first time.


Those Mormon boys were hanging around Chinatown in Sydney, and no matter how many times I walked past, ready to talk to them about Joseph Smith, they were too busy sharing their truth* with pretty girls.

*In the words of Vyvyan#, “I’ve never heard it called that before”.

#When some pompous old bloke said he wanted to “protect” Felicity Kendall.%

%”Felicity, you fill me with electricity” – Rik


Do not ask for whom the waves splash …

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When the peculiarities of community and place are swept away by the tides of capital, all that’s left is a globalised shopping culture, in which we engage with glazed passivity. Man was born free, and he is everywhere in chainstores.
Nice line, but it is more the conglomeration of chain stores in shopping malls that fixates me. When I picture the future, it is Westfields. Now we say that the things that join us must be removed, for they are the cause of conflict between groups. We move away from joining, whether the group be churches or trades unions or political parties or charities. We are perhaps left with a tenuous linkage as, what, barrackers for a football team? A team that loses its players next season to the highest bidder. A team we support from our lounge room, free from the discomfort of other spectators. And at the end of history, we are left in our rightful places, wandering the brightly lit corridors, warmed by the acceptance of our cards at payswipe, trying not to hear the lapping of the rising water in the lower floors.

Seeking the divine

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We seek God in beauty. Some look to the purity of mathematics, and the fact that here is a language in which the (known) complex truths of the universe can be expressed elegantly, though perhaps the greatest wonder is that there is a language in which they can be expressed at all. Others look to the way all things mesh in a complex working pattern that speaks of reason going up and going down.
All of these pale next to the everyday poetry of the English language. Just to steal a few recent examples from overheard exchanges with, oh, I don’t know, some random stranger and my their children:

The rubbish goes in
the bin
not on
the bin,
the bin

Or the plaintive cry that echoes through the ages

Oh where
is my clean

The simplest is my favourite, and is what gives me comfort at 3am

There’s poo
on my shoe

Some will argue that these rhymes in-built into the language are mere happenstance and not demonstrative of anything, that for proof of the divine one must reveal a deeper poetry, expressed more subtly than in rhyme. Look no further. What could resonate deeper in the human soul than this cry of anguish, taken again at random from a snippet of a television show that I could not possibly have been watching? The scream of despair from a dismissed suitor, banished by Desiree from “The Bachelorette:

I’m not just a magician!

I am at peace, regardless of what comes my way today.