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Hear my song!

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I loved that film! From a time before Superintendent Ted Hastings was running down bent coppers and anyone who doesn’t do things by the book. See the picture, Adrian Dunbar can smile. “I’ve been born in peace time. I haven’t been where you’ve been. I haven’t seen what you’ve seen.”

I digress, we’re talking about MY song. But not really.

Podcasts. If you prefer to read with your eyes closed, or with your hands free, or some such thing or combination, three of my stories are available for your ezy-listening pleasure. Just click on the links to be taken to the horror destination of your choice.

“If he looked out of the window now, into the night, he knew that there would be no street, no sky. Just a dim hallway, thin walls rattling with the wind tunnelling though it, rain dripping from a soggy ceiling. This is all that there is.” Good Boy

“His shame was exposed, the scar where a shell splinter had torn through his groin and ripped away his manhood. Albert no longer cared. He was counting the moments until he died.” Some corner of a Dorset field that is forever Arabia

“Transformation by force: a man enters the shop at noon. He walks through the door to the tinkle of the bell. Once inside, he reaches around and throws the bolt of the lock. He twists the sign from Open to Closed. He faces the woman in the store as she stands alone — the power of the words ‘in broad daylight’.” The gods of the gaps

Or perhaps you are an odd sort of bird, the type who actually wants to hear a song. Well, I suppose there is this:


‘He says “Yeh yeh”.’

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Any one else remember “Urgh! A Music War”?
We’re all Devo.

Stay well

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Mission statements, aspirational goals, EAP, policy compliance. On the one hand, box ticking.
On the other, reality.

It is very hard to suffer from a disease that doesn’t officially exist in your country, and is mostly ignored by the medical profession.

“Do you take this fine man? Do you take this bull cow?”

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Marry a fine man. Marry a bull cow.

Thank you Mr Stephen, who after years of googling “Benny Benny” discovered it was “Pini Pini”
Anyone else remember this? The things we used to hear on JJ/JJJ, eventually take for granted, and then years later think, what was that?
Probably not first choice for the bridal waltz …
wot no pictures?

Fish dreaming

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I can’t articulate it, I only know it when I see it. Don’t let the bastards stop you. Dream on Ponyboy. Hey there, Georgie Girl. Here he is, Joe Chip, performance artist. (His body is his art. He is going to cover himself with papier mache, then stick a pin in and burst his body like a balloon. Again, it won’t be a pretty sight.) And remember, we’re all devo.