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… you know you want to!

Christmas is coming, as I can tell from the 4.30pm sunset. O Southern Hemisphere, I miss you and your heatwave Christmas! A hot roast lunch with a side of cold prawns. Hot Christmas pudding, followed by pavlova with chilled fruit and cream. Everyone knows Jesus wasn’t born in winter …

I digress. If you are so interested, the following of my tales are available for your (free) reading pleasure. In the words of my father, don’t say I never give you anything. Just click on the titles to be transported to a winter wonderland (possibly of hell and suffering, but a wonderland nonetheless). All this by way of prelude to a new story being published in the next few days.

My Life as a Lizard

Some Corner of a Dorset Field that is Forever Arabia

This Neil Armstrong is not dead

The Big Reveal






Neil Armstrong lives!

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‘This Neil Armstrong is not dead’: this story of mine took 20 years to find a home. Granted, for most of that time it had given up hope and settled in a box under a railway bridge. I believed in it, and tinkered with it from time to time, and it really was a case of having to find the exact right home. I very much like Cafe Irreal, and eventually I dared to share it with them – I submitted it a tad late, but they accepted it almost immediately, and it appeared in their next edition. I will always be grateful. You can read it here for free on their site, if you like – I would consider it a great kindness. It is a favourite of mine, perhaps because I lived with it for so long, perhaps because of some of the memories (true and false) that it contains. Feel free to check it out. There are links to some of my other stories here.