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Fish nightmare

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Easy to lament now that I never became a cryptozoologist, but they weren’t offering degree courses in pseudoscience when I left school. I love cryptozoology and forteana, but the thing I love most is enthusiasm in others. My interests dip and wane and run all over the place. I admire single minded people whose love of their special area shines. I like to stand near them, and listen to them even when I don’t understand them – it is their tone and energy I enjoy, their glow. I just don’t want to be them. I used to have a boss who described himself as an armchair mountaineer. I hadn’t heard the expression before, but I quickly worked it out. It takes a special sort of enthusiasm to be so specific an armchair anything, I think, and he had his own special glow, though perhaps once removed. Me, I’m an armchair everything, though I like to think I am more than just that.
Watching “River Monsters” on television is a guilty pleasure of mine. I tried to fish once, but the bait kept falling off the hook. I can’t see me ever doing that again, so I don’t want to be Jeremy Wade, but I love his enthusiasm*. Buying his book of the same title earlier this year, I enjoyed a little of the same frisson I used to get as a kid buying books about the Mothman and Bigfoot.
And that is quite enough about fish for a long time.

Though one can dream …

*Whereas Robson Green, not so much. Love him in Wire in the Blood and in Being Human, but not with fish. Oh well. I’m sure he is devastated.


Happy Poeday

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Even though you are dead, you are still keeping up the good work, I see.

(Everything here blatantly stolen from somebody else, but that’s what good artists do.)


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Oh … and this (late entry)

And they said you’d never make it …

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“I believe in miracles,” Shane MacGowan said recently in response to a question about his religious beliefs … . “I’ve seen miracles happen in my life. It’s a miracle every morning when you wake up.”

“I’m concentrating on my health at the minute,” … and to this end he has given up spirits and now only drinks wine.

What more is to be said, when all has been said?

Arts maritaux

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Everybody was kung-fu fighting

But I was kung-fu loving

Drunken Master

Mantis Style

Long Fist

Eight Extremes

White Lotus


Paper Lace, 1974

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Be a hero

The rest of us will creep out the back

Our wives were happy

Our kids were happy

They didn’t care about Billy

After all, their Dads came back.



The night Chicago died

There was nothing good on TV

I went to bed early

and missed it all.


Shane MacGowan is not dead and he has teeth

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I owe my career entirely to my family and to the way I was brought up. I am very grateful to them and to Christ and His Holy Mother and all the saints. And, of course, I am grateful to Victoria, my muse. Without whom I might well be dead by now.

Shane MacGowan, The Guardian

And in a week when we have lost David Bowie, I am glad that Shane MacGowan is not dead. It truly is a great memory, me and my mate Stephen locked arm in arm in the moshpit at The Hordern Pavillion several decades ago, when The Pogues kicked off with ‘The Turkish Song of the Damned’, and without any effort of our own we were flung from one side of the hall to the other. And not only he is Shane MacGowan not dead, he has teeth! God bless him.

The Dope

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“I’m looking for the dope with the microscope”

– Iggy Pop

One of my favourite lines, from the theme song from one of my favourite films, Repo Man, I was horrified to read yesterday that the quote is actually “looking for the joke with a microscope”. Several googles later, I was reassured by other sites that referred to “looking for the dope with a microscope”. Still. I prefer my brain’s version, I don’t picture anyone searching for minute quantities of dope with a scientific instrument, I picture a search for an actual science dude, referred to as the dope, who has a microscope and other tools (and driving a car, the boot of which you should not open). Just as I know that the line from Dirty Old Town is “springs a girl, from the streets of night”, I prefer to serenade everyone in hearing distance with “springs a girl, from the streets of time”. I’m old. Leave me with my small pleasures. It’s a mercy that won’t be forgotten. I mean, its not “Alex the seal”, after all.


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Talentless, I am surrounded by skilful musicians, all of whom I hate deeply. (Is it a character flaw that my two greatest motivations are avoiding embarrassment, and jealousy?)

Here are Yetis with ‘Dangerous’, and our nephew Tom, a lovely boy, is the drummer with his eyes stuck shut. (I’m sure there is ointment you can get for that.)

As I am, you too will be …

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Toil is stupid, and now it is over for Bob 2.
Here to go … Trite to say, but the years fly by. How did they get so old, I ask, then look in the mirror.
Bob 2
Alan Myers

‘He says “Yeh yeh”.’

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Any one else remember “Urgh! A Music War”?
We’re all Devo.