The Dope

“I’m looking for the dope with the microscope”

– Iggy Pop

One of my favourite lines, from the theme song from one of my favourite films, Repo Man, I was horrified to read yesterday that the quote is actually “looking for the joke with a microscope”. Several googles later, I was reassured by other sites that referred to “looking for the dope with a microscope”. Still. I prefer my brain’s version, I don’t picture anyone searching for minute quantities of dope with a scientific instrument, I picture a search for an actual science dude, referred to as the dope, who has a microscope and other tools (and driving a car, the boot of which you should not open). Just as I know that the line from Dirty Old Town is “springs a girl, from the streets of night”, I prefer to serenade everyone in hearing distance with “springs a girl, from the streets of time”. I’m old. Leave me with my small pleasures. It’s a mercy that won’t be forgotten. I mean, its not “Alex the seal”, after all.


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