I am an addict

Is there a voluntary exclusion program for The Book Depository? Its not my fault … its right there, on my PC … the books, the books … you just press the buttons – yes, just like a poker machine, yes … a package comes in the post … like CHRISTMAS!

For years my wife has told me that I have a problem. It has taken me a long time to come to terms with it. I finally realised that I don’t. My wife has a problem. Me. Oh, and all the books. On the floor. And everywhere.

My father bought me an e-reader. There I am, vapering away in front of everybody, look, he has it under control. Its not as bad as Real Books. He’ll taper off.

Then. When they’re not looking. Paper. In my hands. Heft. Texture. Text. An object.


More books.

Hi. I’m David, and …


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