Where I shall be on Saturday

I’ll be the one by himself not talking to anyone, with his nose in a book. How unusual.

Speculative Fiction Festival 2019

Saturday 29 June, 10am-6pm

Writing NSW, Callan Park

Speculative fiction is the stuff of dreams and nightmares, encompassing science fiction, fantasy and horror in all its guises: near-future dystopia, far-flung space exploration and alien encounters, tales of magic and wizardry, bone-chilling urban horror and the madness of the surreal.

The Speculative Fiction Festival 2019 will be held on 29 June this year, and will be packed with insightful explorations. You’ll learn practical advice on writing, marketing and publishing, and hear inspirational discussions of radical concepts that will fuel your imagination.

The Festival will showcase some of Australia’s leading speculative fiction writers who are known for their curiosity, innovation and imagination. Our program includes award-winning authors such as James Bradley, Mitchell Hogan, Catherine McKinnon, Margaret Morgan and Kaaron Warren.

Festival director Keith Stevenson is well-versed in all things spec fic due to a career spanning decades as an author, editor, publisher, reviewer and podcaster.


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