Review – “Lincoln in the Bardo”

Yes, it is very important that I review a novel that has been reviewed only a gazillion times already, and that won the Booker Prize, and that is already several years old. Never say I don’t have my thumb on the carotid artery of the zeitgeist, dear Reader! Plus, as you know, I don’t do reviews, I lack a certain required ingredient – discrimination, intelligence perhaps, I don’t know, taste maybe, or a certain pithiness? Perhaps all of the above. I only hope that my review does not negatively affect Mr Saunders’ sales, that would not make me feel good.

So, here goes my review of “Lincoln in the Bardo” by George Saunders.

I liked this book. It had ghosts. The point I most wanted to make is that, unusually for a Booker Prize winning book, it ended with a big chase and a mighty explosion, which is not something you find in most literary novels.


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