RIP Tim Brooke-Taylor

The Goodies represent to me a chunk of my late childhood, early adolescence. We came across it accidentally and laughed all the way through (I think it was the episode with the giant kitten: Kitten Kong, broadcast as a special on Channel 2 / ABC, so it was after 1972), and we were delighted a few years later when we came across the series being regularly broadcast. I even received The Goodies Album as a Christmas present. Later on, it was part of the regular late afternoon shows, with Doctor Who and Monkey. And when I think of those times, I think of a school friend who died a few years ago.

Sad to hear that Tim-Brooke Taylor has passed away from Coronavirus. I’m not measuring his death against the tragedy of this disease and the many thousands who have died, just noting the passing of someone who gave me much pleasure and many laughs when I was young.

Goodies star Tim Brooke-Taylor dies of coronavirus

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