The Bride of the Blob

My third alternative universe Apollo story is now running free in the wilds of sf magazine land – “The Bride of the Blob” appears in the latest issue of Andromeda Spaceways Magazine. I’ve been aiming at that market for some time, very happy to have landed there.

The story doesn’t have Sonny and Cher, but it has Nixon and Kissinger, John and Yoko (with a bemused Timothy Leary looking on), a guest appearance from Philip K Dick, a cameo from a recurring character, and Sergeant Burns, who appears unnamed in this latest venture. There’s Wernher von Braun (who is annoyed by Tom Lehrer), Jean-Paul Sartre, Russian spies, kids from Kansas, and monsters. Oh, and half a blue whale.

I had a lot of fun writing this, I hope it entertains some people. A slush reader described it thus: “Wow, this is like a Vietnam War acid trip, directed by Coppola and written by David Lynch”. That certainly made my day.

Here’s the “Story Behind the Story” as it appears in ASM:

I have a deep fascination with Apollo—not in a geeky way with the tech, but more of a dreamy way with the narrative and imagery. I have published two previous stories of alternative universe Armstrongs. The sparks for this one came while watching First Man at the cinema with my wife. The first was the notion that it made more sense to be connected to Janet Armstrong, for like her, the vast majority of us watch it all from afar. The second came halfway through, thinking, what if this morphs into a monster film,
with its very realistic style, and focus on historical and technical accuracy. This is not the story of that imagined film, but that is where this all started.


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