RIP Greg

Reading a biography of Elon Musk a few years back, I kept thinking about my school mate, Greg. He passed away 8 years ago. I wish Greg had been an Elon Musk. He studied engineering and computing so that he could design and build a military space fleet, but didn’t quite get there in this lifetime. Greg could be a bit of an arse a lot of the time – I mean, massively- and I think he would have enjoyed being a zillionaire space tycoon pain in the arse. He would definitely have been into the whole colonising Mars thing, and also the life extension stuff – he had health issues since birth, which I think explained a lot. I could see him striking a Bezos pose as he entered or emerged from his space ship. He liked blonde women, but I don’t believe that any of them liked him back. Unfortunately, or fortunately, he was in the wrong place and the wrong time for the whole silicon valley start up thing, but I like to think he would have had a red hot go, and that he could have been as arrogant as the rest of them. (Plus, he could have thrown some filthy lucre my way.) He probably was not quite ruthless enough, but maybe he could have faked it until he made it. He certainly worked hard enough doing really boring things with computer code – he had a strong work ethic, and I suspect he really bought into the lie that if you just work hard enough, it will all happen. He was the only person I know who really ran away from home, and of course he over did it, ending up in Belgium, where he eventually died. He really should have gone to California, and also got some new clothes. You may think I am being rude, but I think Greg would have taken (at least some of) this as a compliment. God bless.


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